Stands apart in quality leadership We offer products & solutions to meet your challenges in completion and cementing job.

Wellsecure Oil Tools wish to become the most preferred brand by offering a full range of CEMENTING AND COMPLETION products to international oil exploration companies & service providers.

Wellsecure - Mission

Wellsecure Oil Tools Private Limited is a tech savvy company engaged in design and manufacture of Oil field equipment using cutting edge technology & field expertise to develop most innovative and & niche products for oil drilling industry.

WellSecure is part of the well-known Classic Engineering Group of companies, an established name in offering precision engineering solutions to Indian companies since 2012, serving auto components, sheet metal items, we have been supporting Indian Oil and Gas Equipment manufacturers by supplying our range of oilfield equipment since 2015.

Wellsecure has expertise in the manufacture of the full range of cementing and completion tools. Wellsecure is promoted by Drilling Industry experts with vast experience in the Oil and Gas sector who are represented on the management board and are actively engaged in offering new innovative solutions and improving the Cementing & Completion product line.

We have a well-equipped Design and development team with engineers having vast experience in design, development, and testing of downhole tools, our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured by an expert team in our modern and well-equipped manufacturing unit in Faridabad.

Due to our expert design and development team and field experience we have attained the position of quality leaders in the oil field equipment Industry by offering a range of innovative and niche quality completion and cementing Tools in a short period of time.

Fast response and complete technical support help send users in making critical decisions smoothly, increasing confidence of our end users in our products, earning goodwill, and maintaining long-lasting relationships.

FOCUSSED ON FUTURE A Strong Team geared for growth
Abu Talib Siddiqui Managing Director
Wellsecure Oil Tools Pvt Ltd. is the brainchild of Mr. AbuTalib, he started Classic group of Industries with Mr. Rajesh Duggal in 2002. Classic Group of Companies is the Parent company of Wellsecure and has interest in Auto Component manufacturing, SPM Machines, Printing Press Division, Oil Tools Manufacturing and Rubber Molding Division. Apart from business he is actively involved in social causes and community welfare activities.
Ziaudding Kamal Director Marketing
Mr. Ziauddin Kamal has expertise of more than 20 years in business development in Oil and Gas Sector, He has experience in Line pipe, Anti corrosion coating, Casing & Tubing Manufacturers, Oilfield equipment manufacturing Industry. He is a management graduate from Department of Business Administration, AMU, and is widely travelled across the world and is a well known and respected name in Oilfield industry. Apart from business he is actively involved in social causes and community welfare activities.
Rajesh Duggal Director Finance
Mr.Rajesh Duggal is one of the founding member of Classic Group of companies and is the back bone of company, he has almost 20 years experience in Automobile, Printing, Sheet metal works, and precision engineering Industry, A well respected member of Faridabad city business community, Apart from handling routine business activity, he has excellent network in the industry and actively involved in social work and public welfare activities in the community. he is able to take out time for handling CSR activities and is particular for keeping our manufacturing facilities and organizational activities Environment friendly. He strives for minimizing carbon foot print in manufacturing activities.
Mehmood Ayas Director Operations
Mr. Mehmood Ayas was instrumental in making foray in the Oil and Gas Tools business by setting up of Classic engineers, he is instrumental in development of new products, an expert in CNC programming he makes every difficult task easy with his ability to enjoy all challenges thrown at him. Fun to be around, has eyes for details, and is obsessed with new technologies and quality improvement.
A Strong Team geared for success Wellsecure management has experienced leadership with multidimensional approach towards achieving high end quality, design and development, and customer satisfaction by ensuring highly productive, Eco friendly work environment for ensuring smart team work & mutual trust

ISO 10427-1-2001

for Manufacturing of Centralizers

ISO 10427-3-2003

for Float equipment testing

ISO 14310-2008

for Packers & Bridge Plug

ISO 9001-2015

for Quality Management system



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