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Adapter – SH500-A

Wellsecure. Adapter is a short tubular part with ‘Box-Pin’ thread configuration which is used to connect two tubular parts with same or different thread types and sizes. This also can be referred to as a “cross-over”.



  • Extends life of production tubing and completion equipment’s by minimizing effect of internal and external erosion caused by turbulent flow.
  • Installation is above and below of tool which has ID restrictions for flow e.g. small diameter nipple profiles, expansion joints, safety valves, gauges and gas lift mandrels.

  • Connection and body performance exceeds or matches with the production tubing.
  • Wall thickness greater than tubing.
  • Manufactured with variety of different thread types (API/Proprietary) and thread Sizes.
  • Complies with API 5CT.
  • Minimum of 3ft long.

  • Reliable and easy installation
Technical Specification & Sizes

  • Thread sizes range from 2 3/8” to 7 5/8”.
  • Standard or Heavy Wall Weight (PPF)
  • It can be made of different thread types – from API thread to various proprietary threads (Premium Threads).
  • Standard service and/or CO2 service and/or Sour service based on requested metallurgy.
  • Generic Material Grades: J-55, N-80, L-80, P-110, 13-CR, 1-CR